I like creating social media
campaigns for brands & bringing
them to life
J.D. Burgers – burger cafe opened by Jack Daniels.
We've brought to life their new communication, tone, and visual style to engage the audience.

Because burgers are lots of fun!
Burgers as an art
Guess the burger
Party announcements
Quotes & lifestyle
JD Burgers.
The taste of America
Every year Maybelline have to produce a lot of educational content. But the format of makeup video lessons is overused and also has become so boring..

That's why together with the brand team we created
an interactive youtube-show, which showed girls'
makeup tips & tricks.
Maybelline New York.
Makeup in the city
Reportages from
NY Fashion Week
Collaborations with bloggers
A SHOW instead
of boring lessons
Interactive formats
with a choice
To promote Martel cognac, we created the story
of Jean Rabate – a french guy, looking for a real
French places in Moscow.

Where to buy most French croissants?
Is there a place with real French arcitecture?
What's the best antique market?
Jean's challenge was to search for an answer
to all of these questions.

Burgers as an art
Paris style in Moscow*
*Unfortunately, that was only a concept
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