After Russia invaded Ukraine on 24th of February, Germany has accepted more than 700.000 refugees. "Glory to the heroes" is Ukranian national salute, known as a symbol of Ukrainian sovereignty and resistance, that you can hear often on demonstrations. Heroes of the war are not only people, who fight, but also those who save their children and pets and flee and those who work day and night to help this people in Germany. This project is devoted all these heroes of the war.

I come from Russia and when the war started, I've started to lose my faith in humanity. I've heard so many horrible things every day: from super violent killing, raping and torturing to complete denial of what's happening by brain-washed by TV and propaganda people in Russia.

At first I did some interviews with refugees, because I think it's important to tell their stories, then explored to the other topic – volunteers.

Since the war began I've seen so many inspiring people, literally putting their life on a pause to help others. Not only volunteering – people also used their professional skills (from teaching sports to beauty services) – to help. After each shoot and interview I've felt so inspired and motivated by these incredible people. I plan to continue the project until the war is over.

Sergey, tourist guide in Hannover
Sergey is a tourist guide and together with his team he does free city tours
for Ukranian refugees in Hannover
Alisa, owner of a beauty salon in Hannover
Since March Alissa decided to offer beauty services for Ukranian women for free.
After they lost everything, the routine and small things are really important
and make them feel much better.
Maria, fashion student and children's educator
Maria is giving drawing classes for Ukrainian kids.
On Easter holiday, the team of volunteers organized a big
celebration for refugees and their kids in a small german
town Celle.
Ukranian girl on a Easter holiday in Celle, Lower Saxony
Arseniya fled from Ukraine her and now is helping
in humanitarian aids center in Bad Pyrmont, organized by volunteers.
Nikita volunteers as a translator in refugee camp in Messe Halle 13, Hannover.
Since the war started lots of russian speakers all over Germany are choosing this way to help.
Nastya and Lera posting TikToks to attract people to a charity exhibition for Ukraine,
that they've organized in Berlin.
Zlata, 26,
fled from Lviv
Viktoria and Katarina,
fled from Kramatorsk
Gleb, 27
fled from Kyiv
Tatiana and Sergey,
fled from Kyiv
fled from Kharkiv
by Kseniia Apresian
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